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SPRING BREAK entire month of APRIL


hi all!

i hope this past march that you crafted your little heart out and/or supported the crafts (esp. handmade ones!) in honor of national craft month!

april is a busy month for me…traveling, meeting deadlines/completing arty assignments, work & family commitments as well as doing some (very much needed) spring cleaning…so i have decided that now is a good time for a “SPRING BREAK”.

of course, you may continue to post pix of your handmade artwork! please do…it will be our group’s “default”.

as always, to all things handmade….celebrate & inspire!

xo mary ann


week 16 (valentine)

hi all!  i hope your chinese new year is starting off on a good foot!  things are running a bit slow on my end (my apologies!)…we’ve been in a deep freeze for some time now & just recovering from a mega blizzard that dumped on us last week…but anyhoo, i thought how fitting it would be to make this week’s creative prompt be about  any & all things valentine. 🙂

[slideguest id=72057594049667013&w=400&h=300]

so come on, show us whacha got for LOVE week!  🙂

will be back to add some more pix of a bunch of valentine pretties to share in the above guestbook! ( i think i am making up for my absences in the last few prompts, hahaha! enjoy!)

happy valentine’s to you & yours! 

celebrate & inspire! xoxo


dear ellie just told me that she does indeed have a wordpress blog…so you will be seeing her as a guest “author”  from time to time here on the handmade monday blog.

if you are interested in becoming a guest author, pls. let me know.  we can always use a couple of more helping hands. 🙂

 happy creating!