what is it?

hm2-copya.jpg  was started mainly for my love of all things handmade.  secondly, there seems to be an overwhelming resurgence in the handmade arts, both in & out of the blogosphere. handmade arts has gained increasing popularity over the very recent years & an inordinate amount of blogs these days are devoted to  one or more types of handmade art:  altered art, mixed media,  scrapbooking & paper arts, textile/fiber arts, jewelry crafting, polymer clay art, even “shabby-chic” crafting….the list goes on & on. 

 i wanted to bring all these wonderful artisans together to showcase their handiwork & celebrate all things handmade.  & in doing so, perhaps this blog will lend some inspiration, insight & encouragement to all who visits & participates…& thus, handmade monday was born…created in response to the phenomenon known as “handmade arts”.  

how to participate… 

handmade monday will  offer folks a fun opportunity to showcase their handmade projects, given a weekly prompt.  each monday, there will be  a new prompt that  will be posted for the handmade artisan to craft something clever & creative.  a guestbook will be featured each monday where folks  can post a pix of their handmade project using their favorite medium  (mixed media, paper, fabric, fiber, metal, jewelry, clay, digital art, etc., etc.) as well as leave a comment with the static link to your blog post.  please don’t forget to mention handmade monday (with a link) in your respective blog post.  

for your convenience, a blog button has been created.  please feel free to grab the button & help spread the word about handmade monday!  also, to further our celebration of handmade arts, i have created a flickr group here, where folks can join & post pix of their handiwork.

won’t you join us in the HANDMADE REVOLUTION?

if this sounds like your cuppa tea,  please join in & give it a whirl!  here’s to handmade arts….celebrate & inspire! 

creatively yours,

your handmade monday hostess, mary ann of follow your bliss designs


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