Monthly Archives: August 2008

tough decisions

dear friends,

i have been struggling with whether or not to continue this group i started at the beginning of the year.  i had grand ideas of spreading love for all things handmade in this group.  i heartily advocate & encourage handmade & diy creations & products.  that is basically why i started the blog & flickr group.  i still believe in this. 

but, so much has happened, project & life-wise for me,  since handmade monday was born.  & frankly, i cannot keep up with managing & maintaining both the blog & the flickr site.  i am only one person & i cannot expect my kind moderators to feel obligated to pick up the slack.  so, something had to give… to make things easier for myself & for everybody else involved here,  i’m making the following changes.

i thought long & hard & i’ve reached a decision.  i hope that you will understand where i am coming from. 

the flickr site will continue as it has except there will be no more weekly themes.   so that means,  group members can continue to post any & all their handmade creations in any medium/media so long as it was made/altered/manipulated by their own hands. 

i encourage any sharing of ideas, tips, links, tutorials, events, swaps & the like in the flickr group.  please post your items of interest in the discussion threads as you see fit.  kindly post ideas & comments relevant to the group & all things handmade/diy.  i will still continue to monitor the group’s activities from time to time & will remove anything unrelated. 

the handmade monday blog will sadly end.  i simply cannot devote the amount of time & energy to properly run the blog the way that i had initially envisioned .  i am sad because it was such a good idea!  but i have other projects & commitments clamoring for my attention & energy right now.  i won’t delete the blog, however.  it will be kept up for archival purposes.   many heartfelt thanks & appreciation to everyone who generously contributed to the past several themes!  it was FABULOUS to see all your amazing handiwork!  keep at it!!!  don’t ever stop creating!!!

when i first started the hm blog, i didn’t think i’d be ever ending it.  but sometimes good things have to come to an end…

(sigh), at least the flickr site is still here.  please continue to share all your wonderful handiwork.  YOU are all part of the handmade revolution.  so let’s forge on!

…to all things handmade…celebrate & inspire!

xo mary ann