my apologies for being MIA

hi all!  some of you may have been wondering whether or not handmade monday is dead or still alive. 

well… is still alive.  just at present on an extended hiatus. 

i, as the blog’s founder, have been multi-tasking more than (my) usual these days & frankly, have not been able to devote time to this blog like i would have liked.  also, i thought i was going to have some extra help by now, in the form of moderators, but nada at this time.  i understand though that life gets busy, especially during the warmer months here in the northern hemisphere.  folks tend to be oudoors more rather than be indoors to craft.  i can relate because i’ve been putting a lot of hours in my garden these days.

BUT, please i encourage you to continue to share your wonderful handmade creations in our flickr group.   

i am hoping to restart our weekly challenges next month (fingers crossed!)…until then, have a wonderful summer…& remember to always celebrate & inspire all things handmade! 🙂

yours sincerely,

mary ann xo


One response to “my apologies for being MIA

  1. thats ok.. i mis ya hope all went well

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