happy march is national craft month!

in honor of national craft month, why not share our handmade crafts in any media shape or form?!  so for the entire month of march, pls. add your OPEN THEMED photos of your handiwork along with your links. 🙂

so many of us are multi-talented & what a great excuse to show off all the cool stuff we can do….all in the name of national craft month, right? seriously…

 later tomorrow, a guestbook will be added to this post & you can then begin posting unlimited numbers of your handmade creations for the entire month of march!  yippee!  🙂

 [slideguest id=72057594049735587&w=350&h=262]

so, what are you waiting for?  get your CRAFT on!

to handmade artists/artisans/craftsters everywhere:  celebrate & inspire! 


3 responses to “happy march is national craft month!

  1. carolineinckle

    Hi everyone I was hoping to leave a picture of the lovely felt slippers I made yesterday, but I was unable to as I’m just getting used to this new computer. Please feel free to visit my blog and take a look. I will be posting a tutorial starting on monday the 10th March on how to make them if anyone wants to give it a go!
    : )

  2. the week i pick paper dolls i was sooo sick.. but i love what everyone did..sorry i missed it

  3. this is such a neat idea! thanks so much for allowing me to feature my crafty goodies. i blogged about them here:
    and here:

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